Sheikh Muhammad Jebril:

هنيئا لكم خدمة كتاب الله فى أمريكا والعالم أجمع والاشراف على دار القرآن والحديث وأسال الله جل فى علاه أن ينفع بها ويجعلها منارة لكل الدنيا وصدقة جارية طيبة نافعة للاسلام والمسلمين

Congratulations on serving the book of Allah SWT in the United States and the whole world. I ask Almighty Allah SWT to make this institution one of the great establishments and benefit others by it.

Imam Omar Suleiman:
“Sheikh Saad is an accomplished scholar and an accessible teacher. He is always joyful and patient with his students. With his character and teaching skills, he is able to take students on the path of knowledge seamlessly without them getting lost or discouraged. May Allah bless him, and increase him.”

Hamza Fahzy – Student
I have been a student of Sheikh Saad’s for over two years now. I started with him two years after I finished the Quran with the intention of bringing my Quran to the next level. Sheikh Saad has helped me achieve that Alhamdulillah. Sheikh Saad is a great teacher, and he makes students feel comfortable while at the same time commanding respect and discipline.

Quran Teacher
“Before we took the course, we thought that we knew how to teach Qaida. After going through the course with Sh. Saad, he opened my eyes. He made me realize that there were many missing methods and pronunciations and mistakes in my teaching method.”